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Primary Care for as Low
as $80 Per Month!
We Do Not Accept Insurance.

No Insurance Needed with Primary Care!
Save up to 90% on Medical
and Lab Services!
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Easy, Accessible, and Affordable Healthcare with a Family Physician in Mooresville

Healthcare today is so expensive, many people only visit a doctor when they’re really sick. At Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville, our family physician offers a healthier approach called Direct Primary Care.

For an affordable monthly fee, you get comprehensive healthcare when you need it, including point-of-service labs, men’s and women’s health, physicals, chronic and acute disease management and pediatric care at no extra charge. No copayments. No deductibles. Just high-quality care at a fair price. We do not accept insurance.

Learn more and let your healthcare be Blue Skies from now on. Schedule an appointment with a primary care physician at Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville today!

family physician in Mooresville NC

How Is Blue Skies Different?

When you visit a family doctor, you rarely have enough time to discuss more than one issue.

primary care doctor in Mooresville

How Does Membership Work?

Health insurance and deductibles lead to high-cost healthcare. We cut out the middleman to save you money.

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What Services Are Covered?

Blue Skies memberships cover office visits, urgent care, annual adult and well child physicals.

primary care physician in Mooresville

Can I check it out

Absolutely! We know the relationship with your family doctor is important.

What our Patients Say

Come See Us!

Schedule your appointment with family physician,
Dr. Katherine Weeks!

Katherine Weeks MD family physician Mooresville NC
Katherine Weeks MD family physician mooresville nc

Come See Us!

Schedule your appointment with family physician,
Dr. Katherine Weeks!

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