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Membership Plans with Our Family Doctor Cover Your Healthcare Needs

At Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville, our small practice provides patients with excellent personalized healthcare. In addition to unrushed 30-45 minute visits, easy access to your family doctor, and fully transparent billing and communication, your Blue Skies membership includes a wide range of services designed to keep you healthy and happy. Membership plans can be built to suit your family’s needs based on the number of members and their ages. Regardless of the plan you choose, your benefits remain the same. The quality of care from your family doctor never changes.

Adult and Pediatric Family Care

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In-Office Procedures at No Extra Cost

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Routine Point-of-Service Labs at No Extra Cost

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Member Services Discounted Up to 90% Off

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Membership Does Not Include:

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Quality Healthcare from your Family Doctor

Blue Skies Family Medicine membership plans come with benefits for individuals, families, and benefits. The unparalleled access to a family doctor, unrushed appointments, individualized care, transparent billing, and discounted service and pharmacy fees have added to the recent popularity of Direct Primary Care. 

To learn more about our practice, our primary care physician, our membership plans, or additional services and fees, contact Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville today!