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Comprehensive Care without Comprehensive Costs

Seeing a primary care physician in Mooresville shouldn’t feel rushed or like you are just a number. At Blue Skies Family Medicine, our compassionate, professional staff puts your medical care first. With 24/7 access to a family doctor and a range of membership plans, our direct primary care offers comprehensive options for the whole family.

Get access to a family doctor for as low as $75/month.
We do not accept insurance.

Trusted Primary Care Physician

Blue Skies is revolutionizing healthcare with an innovative Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice model that improves healthcare quality while reducing costs.

Essentially, we remove the “middle man” (insurance companies) which drives up medical costs and often, drives medical decisions. Because we don’t work with insurance companies, we keep costs low and pass the savings on to you. More importantly, we offer healthcare that focuses on you and your needs–not the needs of a third party.

How does Direct
Primary Care work?

Instead of charging you per office visit and billing an insurance company, we charge a monthly membership fee that covers your primary medical care including office visits and many procedures. Since we do not accept insurance, this is the ideal plan for people with no insurance or high insurance deductibles or those who have the health sharing ministries.

Also, because we’re a smaller practice, we will only treat a limited number of patients, which allows more time per patient visit. During this time, you are not limited to one or two medical concerns because your primary care doctor is on a tight schedule. This accessibility keeps patients healthier and leads to better-informed healthcare decisions.

For more information about our office and our practice, be sure to check out our general information section. Contact the primary care physician at Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville for an appointment today!

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Office: 704-663-7819
Fax: 704-696-0173

After Hours

For urgent matters, Patients of record can contact Dr. Weeks after hours by calling the office at 704-663-7819 and following the prompts.


If you have a true medical emergency, please call 911 and get to a hospital immediately.