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Common Medications from
a Primary Care Physician

At Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville, our professional team offers transparent billing and communication. As a small medical practice, our primary care physician Dr. Weeks offers personalized care, unrushed appointments, and quality healthcare relationships and services. Through our membership programs, patients have 24/7 access to a family doctor and improved continuity of care. We do not accept insurance.

Here you will find a list of common medications and their general costs through our practice versus a pharmacy. This helps illustrate some of the savings you will gain as a Blue Skies member.

Amoxicillin $1.70 $10.00
Celexa $0.99 $4.00
Flonase $8.38 $15.20
Imitrex $9.94 $20.25
Lipitor $3.66 $19.00
Maxalt $15.43 $40.00
Metformin $0.96 $4.00
Plavix $3.09 $26.00
Singulair $5.04 $35.00
Z-Pack $7.82 $15.00
Zofran $2.66 $15.00
Zyrtec $0.90 $17.00

* This is only a sample of our inventory to illustrate the savings we offer.
To find out if we carry a medication not included on this list, please contact us directly.

Lower Costs, Better Care from a
Direct Primary Care Physician

Save money on your medical and laboratory care in Mooresville. We cut out the middleman. For a low monthly fee, get access to high-quality primary care without the need for medical insurance.

For more information on our practice or our membership plans or to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician, contact Blue Skies Family Medicine in Mooresville today!

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