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Our family practice in Mooresville, NC offers comprehensive medical care for the whole family. Our membership plan cuts out the insurance middleman saving you money and is designed to cover the cost of basic healthcare delivered by our staff. Blue Skies’ primary care doctor offers a full range of medical procedures and services. To learn more about those services, take a look at our available procedures below.

DOT Physicals

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Men’s Health

Learn moreHow does Direct Primary Care work?

Weight Loss Medications

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Sports / Scouts / Work / School / Routine Physicals

Learn moreWhat is direct primary care and why should you have it?

Chronic Disease Management

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Anxiety and Depression

Learn moreHow does Direct Primary Care work?

Pediatric Care / Well Child Checks

Learn moreDr. Katherine P. Weeks, MD - Primary care physician in Mooresville, NC

Acute Care Including Minor Lacerations

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Skin Lesion Removals such as Moles, Skin Tags, Warts, Precancerous

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Women’s Health and Gym Care

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Shoulder and Knee Injections

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Flu Vaccines

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Office Location

363 Williamson Road, Suite 103
Mooresville, NC 28117


Office: 704-663-7819
Fax: 704-696-0173

After Hours

For urgent matters, Patients of record can contact Dr. Weeks after hours by calling the office at 704-663-7819 and following the prompts.


If you have a true medical emergency, please call 911 and get to a hospital immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are primary care services?

Primary care services are healthcare services that focus on overall health and well-being. Urgent care is used to target acute issues that need to be addressed quickly. Emergency care is designed for matters that must be attended to immediately. Primary care covers everything else, from yearly checkups to symptoms of mild illness.

What does primary care focus on?

Primary care focuses on general health management and prevention. At our primary care practice, we structure services to make sure that our patients are staying on top of any existing health issues, and staying ahead of any developing health issues. Unlike emergency or urgent care, primary care is designed to manage and encourage general health and wellness.

What services are covered by my membership?

Acute and chronic disease management, yearly physicals, health assessments, reproductive healthcare, mental health screening, weight loss and weight management, and vision and hearing screenings are all provided within your membership fees. For a more comprehensive look at what is included, visit our membership page.

Why are primary care services important?

Although emergency medical care is important, it is equally vital to have a standing relationship with a healthcare team to measure ongoing issues and check in with each year. Prevention is an important part of maintaining health, and primary care services act as preventive medicine and long-term management in one convenient location.

What can I expect from a primary care practice?

At our Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, we focus on providing ongoing healthcare to our patients for a simple monthly membership fee. This system allows our office to provide primary care services, including yearly physicals, ongoing or acute disease management, and reproductive health care without any surprise fees or insurance issues. At our office, you can expect to know where your money is going, what services are covered, and when to expect outbound referrals.

What kind of doctors practice in a primary care setting?

Physician’s Assistants (PAs) and Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) are often seen working in a primary care practice, but family medicine practitioners and pediatricians can also be common in a primary care setting. Our staff is headed by our Doctor of Medicine, Katherine Weeks, MD.

What are primary care specialties?

Primary care specialties include any areas of medicine that act as the first line of care. Obstetrics, geriatric care, pediatric care, and family medicine are all primary care specialties because they focus on the general health and ongoing health maintenance of a patient. To learn more about the services our practice covers, visit our membership page.

How often should I see my primary care doctor?

The frequency of your visits will depend on your health, age, and other factors. If our team is helping you manage ongoing health conditions or concerns, your visits will be more frequent. If your focus is primarily on preventive care and yearly checkups, you may not need as many visits. Regardless of your number of visits, the structure of our membership plans ensures that you are receiving a good return on your investment.

What is the role of primary care?

Primary care allows you to conduct an ongoing relationship with a medical team when you need a yearly check up, basic services, or other non-urgent and non-emergency services. When you have a question for a doctor, your primary care practice is the place to call. When you have the sniffles or a chronic ache or sensation of discomfort, primary care is likely the service you need to seek out. Primary care is the first line of defense against disease and declining health.

What types of patients are seen in a primary care practice?

The patients seen in a primary care practice vary. Primary care can encompass all care that does not fall under the umbrella of “secondary care,” or urgent or emergency services. Primary care practices can see everyone, from infants to geriatric patients.

Have Questions? Need More Information?

If you still have questions. We would be happy to answer. Please call us or schedule an appointment..

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