Direct Primary Care (DPC) allows doctors to care for patients like they used to many years ago, when insurance didn’t dictate what was done in the exam room. My DPC practice is traditional family practice (caring for a wide variety of problems in all age groups) with a twist – visits are paid for with a low monthly fee instead of insurance.

There are no contracts, no copays, and members enjoy wholesale priced labs, inexpensive medications (in most cases, cheaper than an insurance copay) and procedures at cost. I like to say that nothing in the office costs more than $40! Primary care is inexpensive, and insurance isn’t necessary to pay for it; after all, does your auto insurance dictate where you get your gas or brake job? My DPC practice purposely keeps the patient numbers small to allow me to get to know people better and therefore build a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Visits are 45 to 60 minutes and start on time in a calm, quiet environment. In-person visits are not always necessary and I use video, text, email or phone to make it as convenient as possible for the member to receive care whether they are at work or travelling. Small employers enjoy using our services to provide primary care for their employees at a discounted price!
I do recommend that patients carry a health-sharing membership, high deductible health insurance plan or similar to provide catastrophic coverage for the unexpected (like hospitalizations, surgery, specialist visits) but this is not critical to be a member at Blue Skies Family Medicine. Let your health care be “blue skies” from now on!