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Resources in Mooresville, NC

With the well-deserved nickname of “Race City USA” and as a rapidly growing suburban area, Mooresville has developed its own culture and range of resources. As a primary care physician in Mooresville, NC, Blue Skies Family Medicine offers direct primary care to patients in the greater Charlotte area and encourages families to explore and make use of local resources.

Read on for more information on the town and our list of resources in Mooresville.

Welcome to Mooresville

Location and Climate

Located in Iredell County, North Carolina just 27 north of Charlotte, Mooresville is part of the rapidly growing Charlotte metropolitan area. With an estimated 39,132 residents in 2019, this is the largest municipality in the county. Mooresville has an area of 21 square miles.

Mooresville has a sub-tropical climate with hot, muggy summers and short, mild winters. Temperatures usually range from 32-88°F throughout the year giving locals a chance to experience the changing temperatures and seasons.

Brief History

Originally called Moore’s Siding after local farmer John Franklin Moore and his family, the town was incorporated as Mooresville in 1873. Mooresville’s history began with cotton farms and plantations. It later grew into a booming mill town. Its first textile mill was built in 1892 and brought more jobs and families to the area. 

With the introduction of a railroad depot and then the interstate system, the town quickly grew as travelers and families could come in from farther away.

Mooresville Today

As a port city for Lake Norman, Mooresville is now home to strip malls and business complexes along the highways. This growing town offers sports and recreation, local attractions, natural and educational resources, as well as shopping and dining. Additionally, if you need help getting around, check out the Mooresville Main bus route.

Let us help you find a range of unique and fun things to do in Mooresville, NC

Race City USA

Officially branded as Race City USA, Mooresville is home to Nascar and IndyCar teams, racing museums, and racing technology. Tourists from out of the area flock to Mooresville each year to take part in the racing events and attractions.

Stop by the North Carolina Racing Hall of Fame or race team facilities to learn more about the history of the sport. Be a driver yourself at The Pit Indoor Kart Racing. The hall of fame and kart racing are both open with social distancing measures in place. The race team facilities are currently closed to the public but hope to reopen soon.

Popular Attractions & Activities

While racing activities are a large draw for the town today, Mooresville is family-friendly and has activities and attractions for people of all ages. 

The golf enthusiast can play a round at the Mooresville Golf Club. The club offers private lessons; leagues for men, women, and seniors; and dining and is currently open with proper social distancing.

Sports and recreational activities are available for children through the Mooresville Youth Athletics and South Iredell Athletic Association. Fall sports were canceled and a determination has not yet been made for spring sports. We hope to see activities for Mooresville youth soon.

For art events, shopping, and showcases, check out the Mooresville Art Gallery which is now open to the public. The gallery supports artists of all abilities and showcases local and one-of-a-kind works.

Educational Resources

Check out the Mooresville Public Library system. There are activities, resources, and services available for people of all ages from young children to seniors. The library is open, although patrons are asked to wear masks and maintain social distancing measures.

Mooresville offers additional learning opportunities through museums. The Mooresville Museum is currently open and provides regional artifacts and exhibits to learn more about local history.

Take part in a walking tour through historic Mooresville. Additional walking tours include a mural tour, food tour, and ghost tour.

Natural Resources

Visitors and locals will benefit from the natural resources and opportunities to get outside. Check out one of the 15 local parks and playgrounds. With proper social distancing measures and minimal restrictions, the local park and recreation activities are open to the public.

Go for a drive to visit Lake Norman. As the largest man-made body of freshwater in North Carolina, Lake Norman offers watersports, boat and jet ski rentals, fishing, cruises, sailing, and rowing.

In addition to the activities at Lake Norman, you can explore nature at Carrigan Farms. This family-owned farm offers fresh local produce and an opportunity for swimming and outdoor entertainment at the quarry.


Dining in Mooresville is a blend of chain restaurants and local eateries. For more unique experiences, check out Big Tiny’s BBQ for a taste of Texas barbeque, Epic Chophouse for steak and seafood, Alino’s Pizzeria for wood-fired pizza, and Ghostface Brewing for a taste of local beer.


While some local events have been postponed or rearranged due to Covid, some events are still happening. Check out the Mooresville calendar of events for more details on the upcoming schedule.

Typically, Mooresville also hosts the Race City Festival and Arts at the Mill which were canceled this year. Dates have not yet been confirmed for 2021. 

Living and Visiting Mooresville, NC

Mooresville is a fast-growing community that is a unique blend of historical and modern. The easy access to Charlotte and proximity to the quiet of Lake Norman make Mooresville a place that can’t be beaten. 

Young or old, part of a family, couple, or single, Mooresville has resources available to peak your interests. Explore Mooresville, NC today!

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